Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Moving along the Trail

A big thanks to all of the folks who came out to see our first performance of "Origami Trail" this weekend. There appeared to be alot of new faces in New Castle, and we were happy to make them laugh! A special thanks to Betty Rossi. She's become our own little New Castle street team up there, and we appreciate it very much. Betty was nice enough to make up flyers on her computer and take them around to businesses, she also spoke about our show to her friends and at various gatherings she attended! We wouldn't have had the great turnout if it wasn't for her help. Rock on, Betty!

The Dwellers are now gearing up for our return to Beaver County. We are taking the weekend off for Halloween, and will also be taking that time to promote our show in the county. Scott Tady wrote an excellent article on us in the Times last Friday. Hopefully some folks will read that and come see us!

Our next show will be Friday November 5th at the CCBC Allied Health Auditorium. The show starts at 8:00PM and tickets are just $5.00. I assure you this show is more entertaining than high school football! And it's also alot warmer...

For directions and reservations, check out our website

Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Cellar Dwellers present "Origami Trail"

Official Press Release:

Attention: Theater/Entertainment Section

The Cellar Dwellers present “Origami Trail”

“Origami Trail” is a collection of original sketches written by the Dwellers. It’s a humorous look at pop culture for the fall season. The show features a parody of the MTV Show “The Real World” set on the Oregon Trail, promiscuous product spokespersons, and George Romero’s idea of house shopping. It’s a hilarious blend of rapid-fire comedy and theater improvisation. The show runs for two hours.

Reservations and directions for the show are located on our website www.TheCellarDwellers.com

The Cellar Dwellers are an improv and sketch comedy group from Beaver County, Pennsylvania. They have been delighting audiences since 1997, and have been performed in Beaver, Lawrence, Allegheny, Venango, and Westmoreland County.

Show dates are:
Saturday, October 23rd New Castle Playhouse Annex Theater, New Castle PA
8:00PM $5.00 Admission

Friday, November 5th, Community College of Beaver County Allied Health Auditorium, Center Twp. PA
8:00PM $5.00 Admission

Saturday, November 13th, Gemini Theater, Point Breeze, Pittsburgh PA
8:00PM $10.00 Admission

Saturday, November 27th Geneva College, Beaver Falls PA
8:00PM $5.00 Admission

For more information about the Cellar Dwellers contact
Mike Rubino- 724-462-4651

Mike Rubino
Cellar Dweller

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mike the Small... Mike the Tall... Zell Miller

I know we aim to keep this blog non-partisan... but it's worth mentioning, in a non-bias manner, a sweet side project that me and Mike the Tall have going for us. A few months ago I had a Bush party in Beaver County, and it was quite the hit. But at that party Mike and I did a vaudeville routine as John Kerry and John Edwards (respectively). Well it went over like boobs at a Rolling Stones concert, and the chairman of the Beaver County GOP asked us to do it at their huge Bush rally in October.

Well October has rolled around, and now Mike and I are preparing to do a comedy routine in front of 1400 people at the Beaver Falls Middle School this Saturday. Originally the rally was to be Wednesday at Geneva, but they moved it because of scheduling issues. Now things are set in a damp concrete and everything is going forward. The rally will be the biggest Bush rally in the county, and it's quite an accomplishment when you think about the enormously large and frilly blue collar this county has.

The speakers at the event include Tim Murphy, Melissa Hart, Arlen Specter, Tom Corbett, Charlie Camp, Pat Geho and none other than ZELL MILLER. That's right, we got the shoot-from-the-hip democrat who spoke fire and brimstone at the RNC last August. How exciting is that?! I can only cross my fingers that he'll challenge me to some sort of duel, just like he did to Chris Matthews. Zell has been traveling the country with the Bush campaign, putting his career on the line to make his heartfelt message clear: democrats ain't the way they used to be.

So if you are in the area and can manage to get a ticket (which are free) then come check us out Saturday, October 9th at 5:00PM at the BF Middle School Auditorium.