Monday, May 31, 2004

So there's a new place

Is this really any different? Besides, we don't get the fun little icons of how we're feeling. I feel like a smiley face drinking a fruity blender drink. I love the day off, I have never smelled so much lighter fluid in my life. I feel like I must eat grilled meat today. yet I have no grill.

Jobs are a tricky thing. I'm scared to start a new job, but I know I must, and that requires obtaining a new job. So I must make a new resume and write letters. I hate this whole process. I want the big texan in the white hat to come and say "Hey there, tall drink of water, want a lucrative job where you do very little and get paid a lot? I'll relocate you to a non-dying area and you'll be swamped with money and broads!"

And I'd say "Boards? Why do I need boards?"

And he'd say, "No, broads."

And I'd say, "I'd rather have mamasitas thank you very much, especially if I'm going to Texas."

and he'd look all stern and then smile and go,"Well, that's settled. See ya Monday!"

THAT'S how I should get a job!

Friday, May 28, 2004

Godzillas and Generals

Our upcoming show "Godzillas and Generals" is turning out to be a very good show! We are trying alot of different things with this show, and you really are going to want to check it out.

One thing we are doing a little differently is reverting to our classic format for shows. What I mean is that we aren't trying to tell a large, hour long story with this show. Rather, we are doing things the old way, where we have penned a bevy of hilarious sketches, seemingly unrelated to each other. Of course, because we are geniuses, and have a lot of dumb luck, things still tie together wonderfully at the end. There are a handful of shows that I think are the "Best" the Dwellers have ever done. In that list are Decon Santa, Kiwanis, and some of the older ones that we did during that golden summer. I don't quite remember the year of that summer, but the show that sticks out in my mind is the show in which we had the most guns in a Dweller show... ever. There were something like twelve guns on stage at one time! And yet, throughout the show, only one character died and that was of natural causes. It was a wonderful show, where all of the skits were written independently but in the end, thanks to being at the right place at the right time, we were able to pretty much tie together every skit. It was beautiful.

And so this show is taking an interesting course. We have chosen a theme instead of a plot. That theme is "Japanese Pop Culture." It all came about when Larry and Joe came up with an idea for a skit (I won't give away what that skit was), and when they told everyone about it, I totally dug the idea of making the whole show sort of themed around the crazy Japanese culture (what with their samurais, ninjas, monsters, food, and videogames). Originally trying to make the show like we had done Kiwanis and Decon, we tried to come up with this elaborate plot involving a samurai sword (and whomever had the sword became a samurai). We realized this idea was tired, and not as interested as first imagined... and so we set out and worked on some ideas, wrote some skits, and did some improv... and the end result is "Godzillas and Generals" And while the show isn't completely about Japanese culture, we managed to get some funny skits involving Godzilla, samurais, ninjas and a special surprise. Along with these themed skits, we also have some great satirical sketches and a special "guest character" from everyone's favorite rock group: Blue Oyster Cult!

Enough of me giving away info about our show... You are just going to have to check it out. Of course, it was brought to me attention the other day, while enjoying some coffee at Cafe Kolache, that our opening show is on the same night as the new Harry Potter movie. While most other sketch comedy and improv troupes would be frightened by this, the Cellar Dwellers do not waver. We don't even flinch.. we will fight Harry Potter, just as we have in the past, with our humor! I think we can pull in more people than that puberty-breaching, girl-clamoring kiddie fest. Of course, if the Dwellers are going to try and pull in over 100 million in our first weekend, we are going to need your help.

Friday, June 4th at the CCBC Allied Health Auditorium. (CCBC stands for Community College of Beaver County, for those of you not from the area). The show begins at 8:00pm and will run until around 10. Tickets are just $5.00 and reservations can be made in advance by e-mailing the Dwellers: or checking out our website.

If you can't make it this Friday, due to work (NOT due to Harry Potter... which, I assure you, is no excuse) then you have one more chance to check out this hilarious sketch show next Saturday, June 12th also at the CCBC auditorium. It starts at 8:00 and tickets are also $5. But if you bring your Harry Potter ticket stub, we can charge you $7.50 instead... it's only fair.

And so, hope to see you there! Feel free to comment and ask questions about the show... or just come find out for yourself next Friday. The Dwellers love you.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

New Dweller Blog

Hey, just started this new Dweller blog because the other one sucked... let's see if this one's better!