Thursday, October 16, 2008

Psst... Free Chicken...

Hey, you're planning on checking out the Cellar Dweller show at Geneva tomorrow, right?

Oh yea! I read about that in the paper.

Yeah, that was a great write-up.

It was! Nice pictures, too... What's the segway scooter skit about?

You'll see... Anyways, I wanted to tell you about getting free chicken.


Yeah! Chick-fil-A, at the Beaver Valley Mall, gave the Cellar Dwellers coupons to give to anyone who comes to the show. So you come to the show, you get a coupon for 3 totally free chicken strips at the mall.

Three chicken strips! Holy moly, that could feed a small family!

Correct, sir! And if you think about it, that's like $3 off admission.

Can I see the show now?

Um... you have to wait until Friday night.

But I want to see the show and then get chicken!

You have to wait!



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